About Us

Inspiration for Hands-on Living

If you're a Taunton reader, you have a passion for creative activities that enrich your life. You search enthusiastically for information that will help you pursue your interests at a deeper level.

For more than 30 years, we at The Taunton Press have made it our mission to provide such information and insight. We recognize that our greatest value is as an inspiration and a resource. For that reason, the ideas, skills, and techniques we present are communicated clearly, in an environment that is both accessible and credible.

Our Authors

Our authors are, first and foremost, leading experts in their crafts. So when you pick up a Taunton Press book or article, it's as if you're face-to-face with a mentor who shares your passion and is eager to teach you something new.

Our Content

Our purpose is to help you enhance your knowledge and skills, so you can express your creative ideas at a higher, more satisfying technical level.

We don't run advertising that isn't directly related to the subject matter of our magazines. We believe our ad pages serve as another vehicle for passing on educational information. It means our magazines might cost a little more at the newsstand. But it also means every page will be worth the price.

Our Team

The editors and staff of The Taunton Press are fellow enthusiasts, who understand the value of in-depth, reliable information. Their goal is to satisfy every person who turns to us for inspiration, so that the books and magazines of The Taunton Press become a trusted resource — for life.

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