100% Focused on Food

Fine Cooking's editorial position is unique — 100% cooking! Our triple-tested recipes, customizable "create-your-own" recipes, tips, and techniques in rich full-color photos help our readers become better cooks — whatever their skill level. No wonder our brand-loyal audience agrees, Fine Cooking is:

  • Pure fun! — an ongoing celebration of the enjoyment of cooking and entertaining
  • Everything cooking — the sources, tools, tips, and advice that make readers the best in the kitchen
  • Packed with invaluable how-to's — the highest quality, best explained, step-by-step cooking techniques
  • The key to kitchen success — the most thoroughly tested and creative recipes
  • Full of real insights — from ingredients to shopping and buying
  • The perfect fit for any lifestyle — offering tips for every day, special days, and everything in between

Tantalizing, Timely Content that Results in Highly Targeted Buys

Reach a new audience of cooks during key seasonal events, or take advantage of popular food trends. Our newsstand-only Special Interest Publications offer rich content on such specific topics as breakfast, soups and sandwiches, fresh cooking, grilling, picnics, cookouts, and more. With average sales of 99,000, they regularly outsell the competition.

  • Increase reach — A large percentage of those who buy our SIPs do not subscribe to Fine Cooking.
  • Target sales — Single-themed issues are the perfect showcase for your specific products and/or brand messaging.
  • Build brand value and share of voice — A 4-5 month shelf life at bookstores (Barnes & Nobles), clubs (Costco), home centers (Lowe’s, Home Depot) airports (Hudson News, Paradies Shops) and over 10,000 supermarket pockets (Safeway, Stop & Shop, Whole Foods, and Wild Oats).