Customized Programs custom digital programs

Taunton builds custom branded content solutions to meet our clients objectives and strategies with print, digital and video assets

Sponsorship Examples:

  • Recipe Maker — users choose specific ingredients and flavors; this interactive tool provides the amounts and instructions
  • Menu Maker — an interactive menu planner that automatically updates their timeline and shopping list as users choose recipes
  • Holiday Cooking Apps — making full use of iPad's rich media capabilities (with videos, slide shows, and an array of deeper dives into high-value), its the ultimate tool for creating a holiday meal at just the touch of a fingertip
  • Behind the Kitchen DoorBehind the Kitchen Door is an insiders’ look into amazing kitchens and brought to life through a robust online showcase featuring galleries of kitchen design ideas, product explanations, our Kitchen Personality Quiz and our 360 degree kitchen videos that will walk users through our featured kitchens.
  • Seasonal Showcases — including Summer Entertaining, Thanksgiving, Baking, and Christmas Dinner
  • Cooks Club — 12,336 members pay for monthly access to recipes, menus, techniques, videos, giveaways, contests, and special offers
  • Cooking Marketplace Channel — a searchable directory available to all users

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