FineCooking.com: positioned for future growth

FineCooking.com offers a variety of multi-platform programs for the ultimate in consumer interaction. Through these dynamic, customizable opportunities, your brand can boost exposure and brand awareness. Contact us and we'll put together an expertly tailored solution, using:

  • Display ads - ROS (Run Of Site) and custom targeted channels
  • eLetters - from traditional display advertising to fully integrated advertiser opportunities within a highly engaged, opt-in audience
  • Videos - pre/mid/post-roll, overlays, and video series sponsorships
  • Community - blog sponsorships, sweepstakes, and reader gallery contests with editorial tie-in
  • Games- simple game integration or fully customized multimedia experiences
  • Interactive tools - advertisers have integrated opportunities for product placement, coupons and other custom sponsorship elements
    • Recipe Maker — users choose specific ingredients and flavors; this interactive tool provides the amounts and instructions
    • Menu Maker — an interactive menu planner that automatically updates their timeline and shopping list as users choose recipes
  • Holiday Cooking Apps — making full use of iPad's rich media capabilities (with videos, slide shows, and an array of deeper dives into high-value), its the ultimate tool for creating a holiday meal at just the touch of a fingertip
  • Showcases - full, module, or section sponsorship of topic-specific showcases
    • In the Kitchen Showcase — featuring everything today's enthusiastic cook needs to make their kitchen a perfect fit, from our Under the Hood Module and Infographics to a Kitchen Personality Quiz and Sweepstakes
    • Seasonal Showcases — including Summer Entertaining, Thanksgiving, Baking, and Christmas Dinner
  • Contests - advertiser-sponsored gallery contests or sweepstakes that deliver strong product/brand exposure
  • Special offers - customizable opportunities and benefits specified to a highly qualified audience of magazine subscribers and online users
    • Cooks Club — 14,792 members pay for monthly access to recipes, menus, techniques, videos, giveaways, contests, and special offers

Homegrown/Homemade Video Series

This new video series is a reader favorite on FineCooking.com

  • Ongoing series of short how-to videos on planting, maintaining, harvesting, storing, and preparing garden vegetables
  • Offers the combined market reach of FineCooking.com and FineGardening.com
  • Provides double the ad exposure for your product or brand

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